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WOD Nation is a fairly young player in the athletic apparel department (founded in 2013). Yet, when they released their knee sleeve compression wrap, social media went crazy with positive reviews of the product. Here are some of them:

WOD Nation Knee Sleeve

We’re here to find out of WOD Nation Knee Sleeve Compression Wrap truly deserves the attention it has been getting.

The WOD Nation Knee Sleeve in its signature gray and orange tones.

Comfort and Breathability

The WOD Nation Knee Sleeve Compression Wrap can be slipped on and off your leg without any discomfort at all. 7mm sleeves like SBDs are really difficult to wear, but 5mm sleeves like WOD Nation’s are spared from this problem. The 5mm SBR latex free neoprene ensures that the user is not bothered by extreme tightness, itchiness, and other forms of discomfort. No issues on sizing have been reported on this brand. These sleeves also stay in place throughout the entire workout.

WOD Nation Knee Sleeve

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Many people endure intense sweat brought about by thick and tight neoprene sleeves, thinking that it’s really the price you have to pay for compression, warmth, and lubrication. WOD Nation sleeves keep your knees warm without suffocating them. If there’s one thing that users love a lot about WOD Nation, it’s the breathability that doesn’t compromise compression for the slightest bit.

WOD Nation Knee Sleeve

This may not be the sleeve that you’ll grab first when you’re dealing with hardcore heavy weights (more on this later), but it can certainly get you through most lifting workouts. You’ll certainly reach for this one for most of your CrossFit workouts, and even for running, basketball, skiing and other athletic activities. WOD Nation Knee Sleeve Compression Wrap is one of the more versatile knee compression apparel in the market.

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Generally Durable

WOD Nation Knee Sleeve

These are generally durable knee sleeves, although there have been some reports of WOD Nation sleeves getting torn only 2 months after regular use. There are, however, only a few complaints about WOD Nation’s durability. The neoprene – latex is made of high quality so it doesn’t tear easily.

WOD Nation Knee Sleeve

Just the Right Amount of Support and Compression

The WOD Nation Knee Sleeves offer fantastic support and pain relief for aching and weary knees. If you’ve been doing killer leg day but you still need to soldier on, these sleeves will be a reliable friend to you.

Now, before we move further about WOD Nation’s compression abilities, remember that this is a 5mm neoprene sleeve. The thicker 7mm sleeves will obviously offer more stability but sometimes, it compromises mobility of the athlete. There are days when you need the heavy support of 7mm sleeves, but there are also days (e.g. regular CrossFit workouts, basic to intermediate lifting) when your knees need a good combination of stability and mobility. This is the function that WOD Nation Knee Sleeve Compression Wraps serve best. It alleviates the pain and discomfort of tired knees and provides a decent degree of compression and stability during lifts. It will give you “a little spring” when you work on your squats. However, for competition-level purposes, you may want to use thicker sleeves. But hey, you’re going to have a lot of general workout days in the box, so WOD Nation Knee Sleeves are more than enough to enhance the blood circulation in the leg area.

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WodNation-Amazon-RatingAmazon Reviews

Amazon is the best place to buy these sleeves, so it makes sense to check there for the most accurate feedback on people with verified purchases. Out of all of the Amazon reviews, it gets a 4.2 out of 5 score, which is coincidentally the same as our review!!

Having read through a bunch of these reviews, I have hand picked a few that stand out from the rest that provide some handy feedback on the product and some it’s pros and cons:

The Good:

Excellent Support and Not too Restricting – 5/5 Stars
By Anthony H. on July 14, 2016
Verified Purchase
I totally agree with most reviews. This knee sleeve fits great, providing good support while is not restricting and “is formed to flex with your movements,” quoting from another review. This is exactly what I am looking for and it does exactly what I am expected.

I do use this 4-5 times a week, and hand wash and air dry (it dries quickly). The fabric starts to break near the seam within 6 months. There are small tears in different places.

I don’t know if 6 months time span is expected, but because the sleeve is so good, I bought another one (got one in December and got another in June of this year). Hope this one last longer. There is another brand that I use — McDavid, which I use on my weaker, injury prone knee. That lasts a lot longer (over a year now). I know it’s not a good comparison, especially for the different purposes that each serves, different materials are used.

Editing: I updated this from 4 to 5 stars because of the excellent customer service from WOD Nation, who went beyond their call to replace the product. I love this brace and I do expect this to wear out sooner than other users since I used it a lot. By the way, this brace is exceptional for squats.

The Bad:

I wish I could give it more stars… – 1/5 Stars
By Naz Ali on July 15, 2016
Color: Grey Pair|Size: Pair (2) Large|Verified Purchase
Let’s start with the sleeves:

I am a wedding photographer with two bad knees and I needed a pair of sleeves that could provide good support and be comfortable simultaneously. After reading many reviews, I eventually bought these because of the ranking and many reviews.
The sleeves fitted tight with very good compression over my knee, but at the both ends they were so uncomfortable. There is a lot of pressure in both ends that were biting my skin and would left a considerable mark after I took them off after a while. But I got used to it after a 15 minutes.
Therefore I gave them a test (actually twice in two days). I used them outdoors for around four hours with very mild activity (walking sitting, going indoors, etc.), in a day that was warm but not hot or humid. When I took them off after I came back, they almost burnt backs of my knees, because they trapped all the sweat and they were entirely wet on that area. And my knees were itching for an hour too! So they didn’t leave me any other choice rather than calling the customer service to use their 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Here is what happened then:

I messaged the customer service, and the only respond I received was that “Amazon handles our returns, and you just go there and return the items”. Ok, if you are an Amazon user you know that Amazon accepts returns on almost anything this way, it is not satisfaction guarantee. So I returned the used pairs (means you have to pack them again, print the label and drop them off if you are not satisfied). I would never use those pairs anyways, but just saying this is not satisfaction guarantee. I am sure that the returned pairs should go to trash can when they receive them. Satisfaction guarantee means you are not satisfied: money back! Just sayin’.

All in all, I ordered two of “Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve”s , and they were just the perfect match. They are kind of fabric and they breathe and are super comfortable even for long uses like mine.

WOD Nation did respond to this review with a comment that says:

Hi Naz! We are really sorry to hear about this. Normally our sleeves are used for workouts that last about an hour or less. We recommend taking breaks. I’ve gone ahead and contacted you about the issue. We take our reviews very seriously and stand behind our products 100%. We look forward to hearing back from you!

The reason for this bad review was because of user error, like 90% of the bad reviews out there. I hope you learn from them and use them for their proper purpose – Metcons!

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Video Reviews

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WOD Nation Knee Sleeve compression Wrap is sold individually at USD 15.47 per sleeve in the official WOD Nation store, but Amazon can sell it for USD 14.47 (depending on the availability of the size). You can probably consider this a mid-priced brand that can potentially compete with its bigger rivals.

WOD Nation Knee Sleeve

To get the most bang for your buck out of knee sleeves (or any product, actually), you need to consider your own needs and be really specific as to what you seek most out of a product. This is useful when you buy products like WOD Nation Knee Sleeve Compression Wrap. It’s notably cheaper than the more popular ones like Rehbands and SBDs, and it only measures 5mm in thickness. This will not be the best sleeve for competitions, and chances are it will not give you enough support for hardcore lifting. You will probably need a 7mm sleeve for that.

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WOD Nation Knee Sleeve

My Final Words

5mm sleeves get the “in-between job” done – when you need great support but do not want to compromise breathability and mobility. 5mm sleeves have the right mix of everything that’s needed in a knee sleeve. Does WOD Nation produce a competitive 5mm sleeve? Their sleeves lubricate your knees without suffocating them and are flexible enough to be used for other purposes outside lifting. They offer great lifting support, and while not enough for competitive lifting, these sleeves get you by in many other activities without slipping and bunching at the back of the knees. The price doesn’t make the product shabby either. So if you’re looking for something that you can conveniently reach for when the knees need warmth and support (no matter what activity), burn USD 30.00 (for both sleeves) on WOD Nation.

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