Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeve
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Product Summary

Best For Powerlifting (squats, deadlifts and heavy lifts)

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The Titan yellow jacket is a high end IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) approved knee sleeve that has a unique X seam design for extra patella support. These sleeves were specifically designed for powerlifting competitions, heavy weight lifting and for standing out!

Today I’m reviewing the Titan yellow jacket knee sleeves comparing my own findings with feedback from other users. I will inspect both the good and the bad to help you decide for yourself if this pair of knee sleeves is worth your money.

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Yellow Jacket Features

Material: Neoprene 7mm

This is a thick material and keeps your knees warm. You can expect that this can make your knees sweaty as well. Remember to wash your knee sleeves regularly. Once a week or so would be good to keep your knee sleeves smelling fresh. It’s important to note that neoprene has a distinct smell when new and some athletes are sensitive to the smell of new neoprene. The solution is to simple pre wash the sleeves with mild soap and left to air dry.

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Intended for heavy workouts

Titan recommends to use this product for heavy lifts because they claim that it provides “Incredible support for heavy workouts.” Upon checking these knee sleeves are only used for lifting. Unlike other knee sleeves I’ve reviewed that are used in MetCon’s and other activities like running and cycling. In my initial research, I couldn’t any find users who use yellow jackets for anything other than lifting. When I tried the sleeves myself, fast movements felt a little awkward.

Titan Yellow Jacket Sleeves vs SBD Knee Sleeves

It is common that people compare the Titan yellow jacket with the SBD knee sleeves because both are IPF legal and around the same price point. The yellow jackets are:

  • faster to take on and off than SBD,
  • a little stiffer,
  • 1 inch shorter in length,
  • slightly cheaper,
  • and not quite as thick.

The Titan is almost on par with SBD, but I’d have to say, the edge goes to SBD.


The Titan yellow jackets cost $75-$85 for two sleeves, so about $40 per sleeve. This is definitely a more premium price for a pair of knee sleeves. The price range is within the same price range as the SBD’s, which are about $15 more expensive than the yellow jackets (at the time of writing this article).

Yellow Jacket Sleeve Packaging

Unboxing the Yellow Jackets

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The Experience (Pros):

Comfortable to wear

The Titan yellow jacket knee sleeves feels great to wear. It keeps your knees nice and warm. You’ll notice that the X-shaped design is tighter than the rest of the sleeve but it feels good. The way it hugs the knees are really comfortable. It feels almost like you’re wearing knee wraps.

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Unique Design and Support

The design is cool. When you’re competing it is easier for the judge to see the top of the knees and hip flexor compared to the more common all black attire.

The color also looks much better in reality than it does in the online pictures.

IPF Power Lifting Approved

You can use these knee sleeves in powerlifting competitions. People have reported that they have used the Titan yellow jacket knee sleeves to power lifting competitions without any complains.

The Complaints (Cons):

No need to size down

It’s common practice to size down 1-2 sizes for a lot of athletes. With the Titan yellow jacket, there’s no need to size down. For some athletes there’s a need to size up but since there’s already an established practice of sizing down, this leads to some size confusion for some of the athletes buying yellow jackets for the first time.

Be extra careful with selecting a size because this can lead to complains that leads to return shipments, which is annoying, time consuming and costly.

Here is their sizing chart for more details:

Titan Yellow Jack Sizing Chart

We have been a little more detail about the sizing chart in our Guide for measuring for knee sleeves.

Unorthodox tightness in X Mark Design and Stitching

You get a little extra support from the X design but it’s less desirable than it appears. The extra support or tightness only on the X part and the rest is comparatively lose. This felt good to me when lifting heavy but awkward to others.

It’s all a matter of personal preference at this point. The stitching also appears to break up or fall apart. It doesn’t tear up but doesn’t have a smooth or solid feel because of the lose threads around the sleeve.

Falls apart quickly within 12 months use.

Considering it is the same price point as SBD, this is a bad thing. Just for context SBD is within the same price point but lasts 2 years double of the Titan. Customer service is not so great either.

This is according to someone who bought a third set of Titan yellow jacket. I have used them on and off for two months and although it has a few loose threads now, it doesn’t appear close to falling apart yet.

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Customer Feedback and Reviews

Titan sleeves amazon reviewsInterestingly, there aren’t many reviews on Amazon or anywhere else for these sleeves. There’s a combination of good and bad both on Amazon, forums and video reviews.

The following are reviews taken directly from Amazon by other users with  verified purchases.

The Good:

Just got into Powerlifting about a year ago. I am doing my first USAPL meet at the end of January and decided that I would like some knee sleeves. I only have one squat session in them but they feel great. I am 6’2 240LB and my knee measured to 43cm … I picked up the XXL based on the size chart and they fit great. I have to work to get them on and they are tight, but they feel good. Some people recommend sizing down, but I am glad I didn’t because I am not sure I would have been able to get a smaller size over my calf. I suppose over time they could stretch out but right now they are perfect.

The Bad:

These knees sleeves were great! While they lasted… These sleeves were very expensive yet they didn’t last nearly the time I expected. They also accumulate the sweat which causes it to smell like dirty socks.(I would wash them nearly once a week. The washing caused the fabric to losen and lose its support.

Video Reviews

There are a few video reviews, most of which compare the SBDs with the Titans and/or Rehbands.

This first video is by Scott who, despite being unconfident in front of the camera, offers some killer points and is really worth listening to the whole way through.


Next video comes from John Allen who points out how new these sleeves are, only released at the start of March 2015. In the comments, he mentions that they lasted 9 months before the seams ripped and he had to trash them… Not good -_-


Last video I found useful is by John Suon, where you can see the sleeves in use and going through a few squats and deadlifts (just PLEASE DON’T COPY HIS FORM! It’s horrible!!) You can also already see that the sleeves are fraying after only one use.

My Personal Recommendation

If you like the design and color and you want something that looks unique then you can get yourself a pair of Titan yellow jacket knee sleeves. The yellow jacket wins for us in terms of aesthetic uniqueness and cool factor.

If you lift heavy once a week or less you can save a little money by buying the Titan yellow jacket over the SBD’s. They are also great if you only plan to use it as an alternate pair of knee sleeves.

Another Killer Review: The Complete Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeve Review

If you lift heavy more than once a week and you only have the budget for one pair of knee sleeves for training and competition, I would recommend shelling out the extra cash on the higher tier SBD’s because it is the best IPF legal equipment that you can use for competition.

If you already have a pair of Titan yellow jacket knee sleeves use it for training until it reaches the end of it’s life, which with a bit of luck will be longer than 12 months. At that point I recommend upgrading to SBD’s or to use Rehbands to distribute the wear and tear for lighter workouts if you prefer something more affordable.

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