A Total Review of the SlingShot Knee Sleeves by Mark Bell

Slingshot and Rehband knee sleeve comparison and Review
SlingShot Knee Sleeves
  • Value For Money
  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Compression
  • Flexibility
  • Durability


Best for: Although tagged as an all-around knee sleeve, this is still best for squats and lifting

Endorsed and designed by Mark bell, a famous powerlifter, these sleeves are going to be best for lifting and squats mostly. Although they say they are all rounders, I think there are far better sleeves out there that will do a better job at this.


  • Comfortable
  • Fits very well
  • Comes in multiple appealing colors
  • An awesome alternative to Rehbands classic 7051
  • Cheap


  • Poor Durability
  • Reported to not last more than 6 months of use

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In this article we are going to do a review of the newly popular Slingshot Knee Sleeves to see if they are as good as everyone is making them out to be. I can tell you now that there are plenty of mixed reviews about this sleeve. It is no wonder it’s difficult to figure out what is true and what isn’t. This article will be able to will give you some clarity around that.

Anyone with a keen eye for detail will quickly notice the similarities to the more expensive Classic Rehband 7051. Since they are so similar, We will also be taking closer look at the features of Sling Shot Knee Sleeves using Rehband as a comparison point. 

SlingShot Sleeves Look Awesome

Made and endorsed by Famous Powerlifter Mark Bell, the Sling Shot Knee Sleeves are very similar to the design of the standard Rehband – two-toned colors (black, red, and red for the main color; white for the piping) and clean lines. Because they were built in a similar way, the design, look and feel of the SlingShots are just as good if not better than the Rehbands.

See SlingShot and Rehband side-by-side here:

SlingShot vs Rehband knee sleeves

A comparison of Original Rehband 7051 (L) and SlingShot Knee Sleeves (R)

You also get a little more choice in colors. The SlingShot knee sleeves come in Red, black and Pink. Rehband 7051 ONLY come in blue. So it gets a thumbs up there.

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How do they Size up?

At 7mm thick, you would think that Sling Shot Knee Sleeves would suffocate your knee area. This isn’t the case at all. First of all, there are 5 sizes to choose from:

Size chart: (knee circumference)

  • 33cm – 35cm – Small
  • 35cm – 37cm – Medium
  • 37cm – 40cm – Large
  • 40cm – 43cm – X-Large
  • 43cm – 46cm – XX-Large

Sizes have a good 2 to 3cm difference, which won’t leave you stuck with a size you’re uncomfortable in.

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Pro Tip: Choose 1-2 sizes smaller than your measurements say to.

Comfortable and Keeps Knees Sufficiently Warm

Another good feature of Sling Shot Knee Sleeves is it’s soft neoprene material. This is probably the more popular choice for knee sleeve material because it is comfortable, keeps your knee super warm and still soaks up the sweat to keep your knee nicely lubricated. Another plus is that it doesn’t leave a foul smell that neoprene apparel usually does.

And then there’s the fit. 7mm sleeves are usually used for lifting purposes. So generally speaking, running and general use is out of the question for a sleeve of this thickness. However, the Sling Shot knee sleeves are marketed as a great all-arounder, good for everything. In my opinion, 7mm is still too think for general use and is best for lifting.

Unlike other sleeves that sometimes bunch at the back of the knees, SlingShot sleeves don’t, no matter how deep in the squat you go. This thanks to the curvature, design and stitching of the sleeve.

Mark Bell Squatting

Satisfactory Compression for the Knees

How do Sling Shots measure up from compression? Well, they provide enough support and compression to give you confidence to be able to pull through a heavy leg day or powerlifting session in the box, especially when your knees are a little sore and swollen.

It certainly helps to have them around, if and when you feel that your knees might cave in on you during a workout. The 7mm thickness will provide ample support and protection during a workout, and are still acceptable for competition standards.

In a nutshell, they do the job well enough.

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Durability Not so Good– Is it a Deal Breaker?

For a lot of users, Sling Shot sleeves fall very far short of the mark in terms of durability. These knee sleeves are not fantastic at enduring the rigors of intense exercise.  starting to split apart after around six months after purchase and used only once or twice a week. After reading a bunch of individual reviews on Amazon, the most negative reviews also talk about their sleeves breaking at the seams after 6 months of use 1-2 times a week.

This is mainly due to the seams not being double stitched. Gen 1 and 2 Rocktape sleeves had a similar issue, but were fixed in the 3rd gen by using double Mouser stitching. With a bit of luck, SlingShot will realise this quickly and fix it in their next version.

This durability issue is a huge deal if you plan on using your sleeves more than three times a week. For you hardcore lifters, this is going to be a deal breaker. For someone who only does some lift lifting 1-2 a week, I would say this could be overlooked, if only because they are so much cheaper!

slingshot knee sleeves - female squat

Putting the Slingshot knee sleeves to the Overhead squat test

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A Closer Look at What Users are Saying

Like I said, Amazon reviewers have been a bit harsh on the durability, but in other aspects they are fantastic and stand up to the top notch (and expensive) Rehband 7051s. Below are some super helpful reviews taken directly from real buyers from the Amazon store.

The good

I squat 2-3 times a week and was developing some discomfort in my right knee. With some extra warm ups and using these has fixed the problem entirely. I feel almost invincible when I put these on and can feel the support they give me with every descent I make whether it be a body weight squat or a new PR! I will always recommend this product to everyone that asks me about them. I appreciate Mark Bell and everything that he has done and is currently doing to improve upon the world’s pursuit of strength and making it an even more enjoyable experience than it already is. Thank you!

The badSlingShot amazon Reviews

They work and feel great for a couple of times before they start falling apart. The back seam started coming apart from both sleeves. Now my sleeves have a big hole at the back with no way of fixing. Definitely not worth $50-$65, I recommend buying something different.

And the overall score on Amazon is better than what I have scored them at 4.3 out of 5 (at the time of this review)

A Couple of Video Reviews

Brandon Campbell has a LOT of very useful insights in this video.

Corey Menzinger has a few interesting points as well. Worth checking out his video below

Lastly is this video of Taylor Swanson where you can see the sleeves in action.


At $65.00 a pair (at the time of writing this review), you get what you pay for.

They fit the knee perfectly, provides sufficient warmth and gives stable support for the knees during rigorous lifting. Clearly, SlingShot sleeves has already met the minimum requirements for a functional knee sleeve.

Unfortunately, it falls short in durability. It’s a case of “It’s good until it lasts.” Some users reported that the stitches of their Sling Shot sleeves burst just a few weeks into regular use. This can be a problem if you’re a competitive athlete who needs to use the sleeves three or more times per week.

slingshot knee sleeves - male squat

Should you buy a pair of Sling Shot Knee Sleeves?

A pair of Sling Shot knee sleeves are worth only a little over only one Rehband sleeve and the performance is almost the same. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative of Rehband knee sleeves, SlingShot knee sleeves is definitely your best bet.

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