Rehband 7751W Rx Knee Sleeve Review

Finally, a knee sleeve for women!
Rehband 7751W Rx Knee Support
  • Value For Money
  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Compression
  • Flexibility
  • Durability

Basic Overview

Best for: Squats and Lifting. Designed for Women

These are hands down the best knee sleeves for women on the market right now. They give you great comfort and support, will last a long time and look great all the same.

You will still get sweaty in them despite them only being 5mm thick, keeping your knee well lubricated, but also making them stink pretty bad if you don’t take care of them.

The biggest downer is the cost, at $35-$45 per sleeve, these aren’t the best if you’re on a budget.

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Check out my full review below for all the details

We have already done a review on the well known 7051 Rehband knee sleeves, but how does its female counterpart measure up in comparison? Let’s start the review of Rehbands 7751 Rx Knee support sleeves with a quick video of decorated CrossFitter Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet.

In this video she’s sporting a bright pink Rehband 7751 Rx Women’s Knee Support and obviously loves them. Let’s not forget who her major sponsor is though, chances are she got paid to do this video for Rehband (I don’t know this for sure, but this is how sponsors use athletes to get their name out there).

Anyway, let’s take the spotlight away from Camille for a while and see how the 7751 Rx sleeves really measure up in terms of performance.

Please note, I have never actually worn these sleeves, they are designed for women and so I would not be the best person to judge how good they are. Instead, I have done a bunch of research around the web and compiled all of the information you need to make a buying decision on these sleeves. Hope it helps!

Eye-Catching and Durable Knee Protection

Rehband is the leader of the pack when it comes to durability and these sleeves are no exception. If you treat them right, you won’t need a new pair for a very long time. 7751 Rx is made of 5mm neoprene, 2mm thinner than the 7mm Rehband Basic Line Knee Sleeves (which seems to be the benchmark of most people).

They are available in hot pink and purple – very eye-catching, vibrant colors to match the energy level of an active woman. If this is an important factor for you (as it is with most CrossFitters), then you probably don’t need to look any further. No other sleeve currently has sleeves in these colors, let alone being built and designed specifically for women.

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Camille wearing the 7751rx knee sleeves

Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet in Pink Rehband 7751 Rx Women’s Knee Support

The 7751 sleeves will cost you around $35-$40 per sleeve. It is recommended to wear one on each knee to avoid imbalance on the gait, which means you’ll need to get two of them.

These are definitely one of the most expensive options you have when it comes to knee sleeves, but as you will see, you get what you pay for here.

Keeps Your Knees Warm and Lubricated

You don’t need 7mm sleeves for guaranteed warmth and lubrication. Even though these sleeves are only 5mm in thickness, the 7751’s will leave your knees drenched in sweat after every use. Guaranteed. That’s both a good and a bad thing at the same time.

They will give you more than enough lubrication, but some women find the excess sweating uncomfortable. You have to remember that this is an important function of any kind of neoprene sleeve.

Since they do soak up a lot of sweat, just make sure you air them out after every use. If they start stinking, spray some mild disinfectant on them and wash them once a month or so.

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Contoured 3-D Fit Designed for Females

The most important thing about knee sleeves for women isn’t the flashy, feminine color. It all comes down to the fit, since women’s legs are shaped differently than men’s.

7751W Rx for women is contoured according to women’s legs to avoid an awkward fit. Every inch of the fabric sticks to the leg but it doesn’t cling on too tight, unlike others that have really tight ends and create a muffin top on the thigh (not a good look!)

To find your perfect size, first use this guide to learn how to measure your knee. Then, once you have your measurement, just follow these:

  • 30-32cm – X-Small
  • 32-34cm – Small
  • 34-36cm – Medium
  • 36-38cm – Large
  • 38cm+  – X-Large

Then once you have your size, go down one size to allow for any stretching. So for example, if I am 35cm around the knee, I would go with a small or even x-small. Don’t fall into the same trap so many have in the past! Too many get this wrong.

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Reliable All-Around Companion

LeBlanc-Bazinet mentioned that she likes her Rehbands for squats and lifts, but you can absolutely use them for running too. Unlike some sleeves, these will not slip off during a run or a metcon, making them a perfect all-rounder.

These sleeves aren’t bulky either so you can wear them for support and recovery after your sessions in the box. It could be a problem, however, if you workout outdoors and are easily bothered by the sweating.

Rehband Camille doing a muscle up

Excellent Compression and Support

When it comes to reducing pain and discomfort in the knee area, these will do the trick. They are by no means a magical cure, but they will help you get back to training sooner rather than later. Workout in them and you’ll notice reduced swelling and pressure in the knee area.

What are Others Saying

Here is a little bit of what some people are saying about these sleeves:

The Good:

LOVE these. I purchased 2 trusting the reviews and they’re absolutely living up to them. I truly feel like I have a 2nd set of knees. I run, squat, row, jump, etc. in them, and feel no pain during or afterwards. True to other reviews, they do get hot, so the second I’m done with my workout, I peel them down, but that’s literally my only “complaint”! And I honestly don’t even notice the heat during the workout, it’s not until I’m cooling down. I ordered them in extra small based on my measurements and the reviews (follow the measurement guidelines!!)

The OK :

Order two sizes smaller! I ordered one size smaller and they fit and worked perfect at first, but after about 3 weeks they stretched out so bad that it didn’t even stay up on my knee. Thank you Amazon for free returns I was able to return them and order a size smaller, I’ll update my review if the new ones don’t stretch out.

As you can see, the main concern is getting the size wrong and the sweatiness of them post workout.

The Bottom line: Yay or Nay?

I don’t know where they came up with the name for them, but these definitely get a yay!  Yes, they are expensive, but a pair of 7751 Rx will last you a very long time, especially if you take care of them. The excess sweating can be uncomfortable and the material can actually be more breathable, but the perks of 7751 Rx outweigh the inconveniences.

Also, it delivers results in compression and support, which is hopefully why you are buying sleeves in the first place. It’s as if it was made so users can do better in the box. It’s not just for the reduction of pain and swelling. It’s a performance booster too!

Bottom line is, if you are a girl and are looking for a good reliable pair of knee sleeves, you really can’t go past these.

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