Nordic Lifting 7mm Knee Sleeve Review
  • Value for Money
  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Compression
  • Durability
  • Flexibility

Product Overview

Best for: Olympic Lifting and Squats


  • Add support. Not increased weights. No resistance.  
  • Makes squats more stable.
  • Can be used as a shin guard.  
  • Helps with knee pain.  
  • Snug stays in place and comfortable.  
  • Easy to put on and pull off.  
  • Quality is excellent.  
  • Keeps your knees warm without feeling constricted or restricted.   
  • Affordable Mid level 7mm knee sleeves.  
  • Thick and well made.  
  • Washes well and dries quickly.  
  • Does not impede cleans and jerks.  
  • Cheaper alternative to Rehband Sleeves. 


  • Not IPF approved and can’t be used for competitions.
  • Logo falls off, but that can be a good thing.  
  • Sweaty knees make them difficult to remove  
  • Logo falls off quickly.
  • Not for running or metcons.
  • Some reports of them being defective and tear appears in the rear seam before the tenth use.  
  • Not as durable as Rehbands but better than the McDavid knee sleeves.
  • Neoprene tends to bunch up uncomfortably at the back of the knee when squatting.   

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nordic knee sleeves front-backFull Nordic Knee Sleeves Review

Nordic knee sleeves are currently one of the most affordable non competition training knee sleeves available. Nordic lifting is a premium weightlifting accessories brand that designed their product to increase performance and prevent injury.

In this review I take a close look into the Nordic knee sleeves. I will go into the good and the bad to evaluate if this sleeve is really worth your money. I’ll also be looking at some other comparable sleeves that might end up suiting you better, depending on what it is you intend to use them for. Let’s get into it!


Carefully crafted with premium quality 7mm neoprene and reinforced stitching.

7mm Neoprene is thick so expect it to keep your knees warm and sweaty and difficult to remove. Thick Neoprene is intended for heavy lifting and not intended for running and cycling.Thought some cyclists and runners might like thick sleeves to keep knees warm when training on cold days though.

Nordic Stitching

Nordic Lifting Sleeves Neoprene Stitching Quality Close up.

Warranty Guarantee

As an added bonus, these also come with a one year, or 12 month warranty. So if the sleeve breaks or the seams rip prematurely, you can swap them in or get your money back. Nordic do honor this warranty as we will discuss later on.

Ergonomic sleeve designed for extra comfort and perfect fit.

These sleeves have a very satisfying fit and will conform to the pattern of your knees nicely. 

Nordic fit

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Available sizes

These Sleeves come in 5 sizes:

  • Small (11.8″-13″)
  • Medium (13″ – 14.2″)
  • Large ( 14.2″ – 15.7″)
  • X-Large (15.7″ – 17″)
  • XX-Large (17″ – 18.3″)

Sizes are to fit both males and females.To learn to measure your knees, visit my knee sleeve measuring guide.

nordic sleeve size chart

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Gets the Job Done

The Nordic knee sleeves is neither flashy nor fancy. It just works. You buy it, you use it you replace it when it wears down. It’s a standard sleeve that you can use regularly. It’s just a pair of knee sleeves that you wear if you need support of the workout.

It does not augment your performance dramatically. That part is your job. What it does is it provides snug comfortable support that stays in place while you work out.  It’s easy to pull on and off.  It keeps your knees warm without the feeling of constriction or restriction.

Packaging Comes as a Pair

Unlike some other brands, like McDavid and Rehband, the Nordic lifting sleeves come in a pair. You will get two sleeves in the pack, so only order one!

Nordic Packaging

Add support. Not increased weights. No unnecessary resistance.

If your goal is to simply gain strength then these features are just perfect for you. It doesn’t get you to depend on the sleeves to perform well. It gets you to perform well and supports you where you need it. You can do clean and jerks without unnecessary resistance.

Can be used as a shin guard.

This helps for barbell work. Sometime by accident the barbell scrapes my shins on my deadlifts. This prevents me from making the mistake.

Helps with knee pain.

If you’re recovering from a knee injury, you can use the Nordic knee sleeves to support you in different ways from basics like walking and standing up, assist your recovery and gradually get you back to performing your best at workouts.


Size and Flexibility

At the beginning you need to decide if you want your knee sleeves to fit extra tight or just right.

I always advise going one or two sizes down if you intend to use the sleeves for lifting. By doing this you will find that the 7mm knee sleeves will restrict your movement and provide more support when lifting heavy weights. If you do this, avoid using this pair for running, cycling or cardio, metcons or other fast workouts.

Identical Brand

The Nordic knee sleeves have an identical twin in style and material in a brand named Shenton. These only cost $14.97 for one sleeve, where Nordic knee sleeves cost $40-$50 for two. This is most likely a rip off brand and not worth your time or money to try. These cheaper brands tend to skimp on manufacturing costs which leads to very poor durability

Logo Peeling Off

The most common comment in the four star and five star reviews is that the logo peels of. That can be a good thing. If you’re a minimalist and you like plain design and don’t like brand logos sticking out of your workout gear like a NASCAR vehicle, then this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

nordic fading

Fading of logo after just a month or two.

Defective Products

I also learned that there’s a small chance that you’ll encounter that some models are defective. When they are defective, they tend to rip at the back within about ten uses anywhere from a week to a few months. The general experience is that Nordic knee sleeves are a little less durable than the Rehbands and way more durable than the McDavid knee sleeves.

New Neoprene

I know some people don’t like the smell of brand new neoprene. Understandable. If you are sensitive to smells, it would be best to pre-wash the sleeves before use. Just remember that you shouldn’t wash your sleeves in hot water or put them in the dryer.

Not IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) Approved

In other words, you can’t use these sleeves in any official competitions. Even if you were a competitor, I doubt you would choose these sleeves over SBDs or Rehbands. What you could do is use your expensive gear for the event and the Nordic knee sleeves for training.

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Ideal Activities

  • Knee protection for burpees and lunges
  • Squats Front and Back.
  • Deadlifts
  • Heavy leg press
  • Gym workout during leg day.
  • Olympic lifting.
  • Skiing

Ideal Users

  • People with knee problems related to advanced age.
  • Knee injuries like people with torn meniscus and need support. Helps with pain in patella tendon region.
  • People who are new to using knee sleeves like them.
  • People with slight creak in knees.
  • People who had knee surgeries

Squatting in Nordic knee sleeves

Strong Chick Squatting in the Nordic Knee Sleeves

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Customer Feedback and Reviews

nordic amazon reviewsWe checked the feedback from people who bought Nordic knee sleeves on Amazon and here’s what we found out:

  • Out of 929 Amazon reviews there are only 9 reviews that gave it one star. What’s interesting is all 9 negative comments received an immediate response from a customer service representative from Nordic Lifting.
  • The same happened to the 7, two star reviews.
  • Nordic customer service is extremely helpful.

The following quotes are taken directly from the amazon listing page.

Great Customer Service

I have dealt with the Nordic support team and I can tell you they have excellent service and response rate. I was expecting it to be way worse since it is a bit on the cheaper side of lifting sleeves, but definitely not the case. Here is another customer straight from amazon to back up my own experience:

“Nordic customer service had been great to work with and they do stand behind their product. They have honored their warranty and quickly sent me a replacement pair. So far the seams have held up better than my original park. I bumped up my original rating to four stars with the improvement in the second pair and my experience with their support.”   

Some other Amazon Reviews

The Good (5 Stars)

These are fantastic! I am not a power lifter. I am an older guy who is trying to get fit. The last 2 years I started to lift weights to get in shape and squats are the foundation of my routine. I work out 3 times a week and do squats on every workout. Monday is my 4 sets, 6-8 reps day, Wednesday my 5 sets, 3-5 reps day, and Friday is my 4 reps, 12 -15 reps day. Wednesday is my heavy day. Being older (57) the heavy day was taking a toll on my knees. I used straps to wrap my knees but they are not very comfortable. Doing a search for knee support, I came across these. The reviews on Amazon were quite positive and since they weren’t overly expensive I gave them a shot. I love them! Although they provide great support, they are not uncomfortable. They also ‘warm’ the area around my knees which seems to help with comfort. I highly recommend these especially if you have mild arthritis.

The Ok (4 Stars)

Very snug and comfortable. I felt they worked well and provided the needed support I was looking for. My only complaint was their tendency to bunch in the back. I think it may be more about getting use to them but I don’t think it’s a big enough deal to say they are not worth purchasing. Already recommended to multiple people at the gym.

The Bad (3 Stars)

I never write reviews but I had to in this case. I just received this it Item put one on and it rips. I’ve been lifting for years and know how to put on knee sleeves properly. I was relieing on these for my lifts tonight and was very disappointed I couldn’t us them. A high quality knee sleeve should not rip when putting it on.

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Video Reviews

In this first video, Travis compares the Nordic to his other two VERY popular knee sleeves, the SBDs and Rehbands. He has some very interesting insights that are definitely worth a listen to.

This second video review comes from another powerlifter named Colin Dewaay who pretty much says the same stuff.


If you want to spend a little more on a mid level knee sleeves $50 then the Nordic knee sleeves are perfect but if you feel like adding a little bit more $80 then I recommend you buy the Rehband 7051 sleeves. Again they’re pretty good compared to the Rehband, but naturally not quite as good.

This is a good cheaper alternative. Great value for money. If you’re just starting out or you just need training knee sleeves these are a great choice.

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