5 of the Best Knee Braces for Torn ACL

An ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury or an ACL tear can be caused by a sudden, twisting motion of the knee. The knee is a hinged joint which is held together by four crucial ligaments, one of them being ACL. An ACL injury can be painful and frustrating, as it directly hinders your ability to walk properly and prohibits proper motion in your legs.

An ACL injury is majorly a sports-related injury, the most common causes being basketball, skiing, and soccer. So when one talks of a ligament tear while running or playing sports, this is mostly the sort of injury which takes place.

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For such a crucial body part, a knee brace can really assist in avoiding any further injuries. It provides a much-needed support to your knee while also avoids sudden rotating motions. The best kind of knee braces would keep your knee movements steady, without much flexion. We present a list of the 5 Best knee braces for torn ACL.

1) VIVE Hinged Knee Brace

Vive Hinged Knee Brace

The Vive Hinged Knee Brace is currently one of the best braces in the market. It boasts of Aluminum support hinges, present on both sides of the knee which provide lateral stability and prevent sudden jerks and twisty motions.

It’s made of Neoprene, a material which is lightweight, and most importantly, breathable. It is composed of an Open-patella design and latex-free neoprene which assist in thermal compression.

With its special compression material which provides support to the knee, it’s perfect for both pre and post-surgery.

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2) Techware Pro Knee Brace

Techware Pro Knee Brace

With its adjustable and unique bidirectional support and alternating Velcro closures, the Techware Pro Knee Brace provides great support to your patella. It vastly reduces knee pain by stabilizing the patella.

It also comes with an open patella design, including 4 flexible Spring Stabilizers which provide all-round protection and stability to the knee.

With its breathable and light neoprene material and no slip silicone strips, the techware pro is perfect for Runner’s Knee. It ensures uniform compression so you can be active throughout the day without fear of damaging your knee. It’s also a worthwhile product for arthritic and swollen knees.

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3) Physix Gear Knee Support Brace

Physix Gear Knee Support Brace

One of the best knee braces for sportspeople, the Physix Gear Knee Support Brace ensures no slippage. It’s currently leagues ahead of its competition when it comes to providing mobility and stability to your knees.

It’s designed with Durable 4 way Stretch Lycra, which ensures an all-day support to your knees without compromising on comfort. Its sleek design makes sure that it can be worn comfortably underneath jeans and trousers as well, without straps protruding out. Its smooth material is also chafe-free.

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The Physix Knee Support brace has the double advantage of Lycra as well as breathable Nylon, which is why we found is suitable for this list. With its stability providing and pain reducing properties, we found that it’s the perfect knee brace/sleeve which can be used before surgery and after surgery.

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4) Bioskin Gladiator Knee Brace

Bioskin Gladiator Knee Brace

The Bioskin Gladiator is the best knee brace when it comes to reducing and regulating pain in your knees. With its patella surrounding Visco gel-ring, you can walk around comfortably without risk of sudden movements or pain. It has a durable 15-inch range which is provided by a strapping system.

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Especially constructed from Bioskin’s own thin and breathable material, the Gladiator knee brace is hypoallergenic. It is made of a Latex and Nylon free material. It has a comfortable wrap around design and is perfect for ACL injuries and knee arthroscopy. It treats all ligament injuries including ACL, MCL, LCL, and PCL sprains.

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5) BraceAbility Knee Brace

BraceAbility Knee Brace

The BraceAbility Knee Brace is the perfect choice when it comes to managing general knee pain, arthritis, ACL injuries, tendonitis etc.

It has a comfortable pull-on style and the material is composed of latex-free neoprene, which ensures minimum slippage and calming warmth to your knees.

The padded tubular buttresses encircling your patella are customizable and can be trimmed to perfectly fit your knees for maximum durability while preventing any out of place shift.

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We hope that we have helped you in making an informed decision about the type of knee braces you should go for. In sports, camaraderie, sportsmanship, team building, individual growth – these are all important things to play for. But remember, nothing is more important than your own safety.

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