If you’re anything like me, you probably use your wrist wraps every second day to effectively lift weights. As a result, it doesn’t take long for your wrist wraps to become dirty, smelly, and soiled. 

The problem is that if you use a washing machine to clean them, they are going to get VERY tangled and be a complete mess on the other end. Meaning you can’t just chuck them in loose with the rest of your gym gear.

So we are going to cover a few ways to effectively clean your stinky wrist wraps to make them as good as new, WITHOUT ending in a tangled mess of cloth.

how to wash wrist and hand wraps

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

The first thing you need to do before following any of the instructions in this article is to read the manufacturer’s instructions. They will sometimes have instructions on what you should or should not do when washing your Wraps. Make sure you follow those instructions before following any advice given in this article. This will help to ensure that you do not damage the fabric or the structure of the wraps.

Remember that your wrist wraps’ fabric needs to remain strong and flexible in order to support your wrist during your daily exercise. Sometimes, the instructions will even include very useful information, such as the proper washing temperature, proper detergents needed, and safe drying techniques.

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Here are the 2 of the best ways to wash your wrist wraps:

1. Washing Them By Hand

washing wraps by handWashing by hand is the most labour intensive way, but it will usually produce the best results. Follow these 7 steps to make sure you do it right.

  1. First, you need to gather the things you need to prepare for washing. You will need laundry detergent, a clean cloth, a colander, and a large bowl.
  2. Then, fill the bowl with lukewarm water. A lot of powdered detergents are made for use with lukewarm water. It is often recommended for man-made materials since it removes stains and dirt with a lower chance of shrinking the fabric of the wraps.
  3. Mix the detergent in the warm water and make sure that the detergent fully dissolves.
  4. Rub the cleaning solution on the wrist wraps using a clean cloth. Using a cloth to rub the cleaning solution will help you avoid potentially harsh chemicals from damaging your hands.
  5. Properly rinse the wrist wraps to remove any residue remaining in the wraps that could later on irritate your skin.
  6. Squeeze the excess water out of the wraps. But make sure that you avoid wringing or twisting while squeezing the water out. This will prevent damaging the wraps. Additionally twisting can pull the fibers out of the fabric and even weaken the support of the wraps.
  7. Dry your wraps outside in the shade, making sure that they are not directly exposed to the sun. This will shrink the materials of your wrist wraps.

Handy Hint on Detergent

Finding the best detergent to get the stank out of your gym gear is a never ending battle. Lucky for you I have done the testing for you and figured out that the detergent that works best on clothes and gear that stinks super bad is Nathan Sport Wash.

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2. Washing The Wrist Wraps in the Laundry

As I mentioned at the top of this article, it is easy to end up with a mess of tangled wraps at the end of the washing cycle, especially if you are using a top loader. Although this is the easiest way to clean your wrist wraps, it is also the easiest to get wrong.

Tangled Hand Wraps

This is what you DON’T want!

The best and easiest way to contain them while they are being washed and/or dried is to use a laundry mesh bag. Using one of these will mean it is as simple as throwing it in the wash with the all your other gym gear. I personally bought and use the small mesh laundry bag from this Amazon page, and it’s working perfectly for me.

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If you don’t want to purchase a mesh bag, you can just use an old pillow case instead, tying it closed with a rubber band. Keep in mind this will not wash it as well as a mesh bag would because it is more dense and lets less water through.

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Other tips for washing your wraps in the washing machine:

  • If your wraps have velcro make certain you secure them before washing to avoid damage to the fabric. If you don’t the velcro may catch on itself, stretching the wrap’s fabric and destroying the support structure of the wraps.
  • Read all labels to make sure that the wrist wraps can be safely machine washed. The label may provide instructions that indicate the machine temperature and/ or the cycle setting (e.g. Gentle Cycle).
  • Wash the wrist wraps in warm water. Most powdered detergents are designed for use with warm water.
  • Use mild detergent. Mild detergent is safe to use on the wrist wraps’ synthetic materials. Strong detergents or other washing chemicals may harm the components of the wraps. This may impact the effectiveness of the wrist wraps.
  • Dry them in the dryer. But before doing so, check your drying instructions and make sure that they are allowed dry up in your laundry dryer.
  • Remember that some fabric may shrink using the laundry dryer. So you may consider air drying the wrist wraps if you really want to prevent shrinkage and creases in the fabric.

How Often Should I Wash Them?

If you are like me, and use your wraps every second day, then you will need to wash them about once a week. Otherwise, a general rule of thumb is you can simply wash them after every 4-5 uses. I would strongly advise washing them before they start to stink too bad, because once that bacteria builds up, it is much harder to get rid of it and can also decrease the life of your Wraps.

Final Words and a Video

The following video very quickly sums up what we have discussed in this article. Big thanks to Angela for her quick and simple way of explaining what to do.

While the wraps should come with washing and drying instructions, you still need to follow the important tips mentioned above. With proper care, your wrist wraps will last for years!

Matt Rollans

Matt Rollans

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