5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps


In this post, we are going to cover:

  • the top five weightlifting wrist wraps,
  • do a quick review of what wrist wraps do,
  • share factors that we consider in selecting the best weight lifting wrist wraps
  • and most importantly, equip you with the information to pick the best wrist wraps for the specific kind of weightlifting you will engage in.

When you’re new to CrossFit or weightlifting, it’s possible to skip using wrist wraps. However, after you have learned the basic weightlifting movements, and are starting to lift heavier and heavier weights, the consideration and conversations about wrist wraps become inevitable.

Benefits of Wrist Wraps

Almost all seasoned weightlifters and CrossFitters use wrist wraps at some point in their lifting, and with good reason.

Whether you’re doing CrossFit or other similar high intensity interval training, powerlifting, traditional weight lifting at the gym or calisthenics, the use of wrist wraps can help improve your performance and protect you from injury.

Wrist wraps save your wrists from hyperextending in the event of failure. I personally have very thin wrists, so wrist wraps help support my wrist from bending back too far when doing cleans or anything thing in front rack or overhead.

Wrist wraps allow you to lift heavier weights and the compression in the wrists provide additional protection and help manage some existing wrist conditions that may negatively affect your performance.


Please remember that like any support gear, wrist wraps are not a substitute to proper technique and common sense.

Wrist wraps may help you lift heavier and prevent injuries but it is important to be mindful of your current fitness capacity.

Movements that Benefit from Wrist Wraps

5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

  • Deadlifts, pull ups, snatches and cleans benefit from the improved grip.
  • Presses, squats and shoulder to overhead movements benefit from the confidence because the risk of hyperextending your wrists are greatly reduced.
  • Dips on rings, and bars, parallettes as well as push ups benefit from your wrist position staying straight throughout the movement.

Maximizing Wrist Wraps For Specific Movements

Remember that you can adjust how you wear your wrist wraps to increase the benefit depending on what movement you intend to perform.

  • You can wrap your wrist tighter for maximum support.
  • You can loosen your wraps for more mobility.
  • You can tightly wrap your wrist with a closed fist for short periods to hold your maximum grip strength a little longer.

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Factors to Consider in Selecting Wrist Wraps

Our goal is to make a contribution to you achieving your fitness goals, and part of that, is helping you select the best gear for specific situation.

Instead of just giving you a list of wraps that we think you would like, we’re going to share with you a short list of the most important factors to consider in selecting your wrist wraps. This list is going to be short so it will be easy to remember. Whether you’re buying online, or at a store, you’ll be able to make the best choice for your wrist wraps.

Types of Wrist Wraps


  • 12 inch wrist wraps
  • 18 to 20 inch wrist wraps
  • 30 to 36 inch wrist wraps

This is usually based on preference but in our experience the heavier the athlete, the heavier the lifts, the longer the wraps are preferred. Like I said earlier, I have skinny wrists, so the 12 inch ones are just fine for me and my needs.

Intended Weight

Light to Medium often doesn’t affect mobility that much.

Heavy is the most commonly used for CrossFit.

Super Heavy is offers stability at the cost of mobility.

How We Selected Our Wrist Wraps

Quality and Durability

Whether we’re using the wrist wraps for training or competition, durability is a big factor. Avoid “noname” brands you have never heard of, or do a bit of research for reviews before buying.

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Recommendations and Feedback

We have personal experience with these wraps but we also checked with friends to compare notes as well as reviews of other people who shared their experience about the wraps.

As far as reviews go, all the wraps in our list are solid wrist wraps but like any product it is possible to run into an item with a manufacturing defect, that said, we also checked to make sure that all our recommended wraps are from manufacturers that offers great customer service.

5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Our Recommendations

We’d like to set some expectations.

Not all of our recommendations are “budget friendly” wrist wraps so you can expect some of them to be pricey but the good news is you get what you pay for.

If budget is an issue, consider trying our lower priced recommendations on this list because any of these wraps are good enough for regular or casual use.

Each of these wrist wraps that made it to this list are great. We love them and everyone we recommended them to loved them whether they got the cheapest or the most expensive pairs.

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However, if you’re an athlete seeking the extra edge because every additional pound lifted and every rep executed will be the difference between a podium finish and a loss, we recommend buying a few pairs and test them yourself.

Having a few pairs helps add variation for your training and rotating wrist wraps can make them last longer and will save you the trouble of buying a new pair and getting used to the new pair before a competition.

Our Selection of the Five Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Slingshot Gangsta Wraps

Slingshot Gangsta Wraps - 5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Colors: Black, Blue and Red, Pink and Black
Length: 20 and 36 inches
Price: High

Slingshot Gangsta Wraps are the strongest wraps sold by Slingshot.

These heavy duty, International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) approved competition wrist wraps and is known for being used by champions in strongman, powerlifting and crossfit in breaking world records. These are Brian Shaw, Tom Kallas, and Ben Smith in case you’re interested.

The Slingshot Gangsta Wraps have a unique end loop and have overwhelming positive feedback.

Our verdict

If you’re competing, these wraps should be part of your arsenal.

If you’re upgrading your wrist wraps, hold on to your wraps a little longer and save up for these bad boys. It’s going to be worth it.

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RipToned Wraps

Riptoned Wraps - 5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Colors: Black, Green and Black Stripes and Blue and Green Stripes
Length: 3×18 inches (Options include stiff and less stiff
Price: Low

RipToned Wraps are the best, budget friendly entry level wrist wraps. With over two thousand reviews and an average of 4.7 stars, these are the most popular option in Amazon’s best seller list for wrist wraps. While these appear to be just enough to get you started, the RipToned Wraps give you more than an $11 value and can hold its own just as well as several wraps nearly twice it’s price and if you’ve seen enough wrist wraps, the first thing you’ll feel is the noticeable high quality. The RipToned wraps are long and thick and provide amazing stability and holds up really well.

Our verdict

If you’re starting out, or have little budget to spare, or just looking for an extra pair of training wrist wraps to prolong the life your competition wrist wraps, these wraps are one of the best options to consider.

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GASP Hardcore Wrist Wraps

GASP Hardcore Wrist Wraps - 5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Colors: Black and Gold
Length: 13 inches
Price: Medium

GASP Hardcore wrist wraps have a solid fanbase and is known for its durability and the thicker than usual straps. These pair are a good mid tier wrist wraps. The GASP Hardcore wrist wraps are short and are really quick to put on and make you look like a jacked bumblebee.

Our verdict

If you’re looking for a short but heavy duty wrist wraps, these would be our top pick.

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Bear Grips

Bear Grips - 5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Colors: White and black, Gray and Black
Length: 12 – 18 – 24 inches.
Price: Medium

The highly recommended Bear Grips are known for extra strength, amazingly tight US made wrist wraps that exceeds expectations.

Our verdict

The only thing missing about Bear Grips are these are not competition wrist wraps. They are our favorite mid tier wrist wraps and are perfect for training.

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Harbinger Human X

Harbinger Wrist Wraps - 5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Colors: Black and red, Black and Pink Stripes
Length: 18 inches
Price: Medium

According to the website the intention behind these wraps is to build a product that the athlete can wear for long periods. That said, the build emphasizes on ergonomics and are really comfortable. These training wraps offer great stabilization for heavy lifting. It can be secured really tight but gives enough slack to keep circulation going.

Our verdict

These are one of our favorite training wrist wraps because they are comfortable enough to keep on for long workout days. They look great too.

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Honorable Mention

Stoic Wrist Wraps

Stoic Wrist Wraps - 5 of the Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Colors: Black
Length: 18 – 24 – 36 inches
Price: Medium

The heavy duty Stoic wrist wraps are tested in extreme conditions and are thicker than the usual wraps. They are intended to be a little stiffer so they may not be too comfortable compared to our other recommendations. However these sturdy wraps are dependable as far as support and durability.

The Stoic wrist wraps are also USPA, IPL AAU and USAPI competition legal.

Our verdict

You like plain black useful wraps with more function over bling, you’ll love these.

Personally the word stoic triggers an attitude of endurance and persistence against difficulty for me so seeing these on top of the table remind me to join the WOD on my laziest days.

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We did our best to cover a wide variety of training goals, commitments and budget. Whatever wraps you choose from the list we’re sure you won’t get disappointed.

Tips for Beginners

If you don’t know what you want and you’re new to lifting heavy you can start with the wraps you can afford and just upgrade as your lifts get heavier.

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If you have the intention to compete, you can go for the mid to higher tier wraps in our recommendations and you’ll find yourself set as you hit those PR’s.

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