Best crossfit resources So you want to get into CrossFit? CrossFit is a fitness program that is being worked on throughout the years, but since the beginning it always represented a way for you to let off some steam and work on your body, filled with movements performed at a high velocity and with lots of force, all workouts are based on the core movements of life, so dedicating yourself to it might be a great thing if you’re looking for some more body positivity or want to be more physically active in general. This article will compile a list of websites, blogs, apps to use and podcasts to listen to that all have to do with CrossFit, that way you can learn all about CrossFit while doing other things.

Websites and blogs to follow!

CrossFit Journal

Crossfit Journal Why not start at the core? This site is the official site for the CrossFit brand, offering fitness advice, competition news, technique tips, daily workouts and even a great blog that you can read at your leisure. They offer courses for different types of people that are all interested in having a more active lifestyle, from a level 1 and level 2 general courses, to a course focused on children, online courses and even specialty courses for those who don’t like to give up! They will also reward you with certifications when you achieve some quota that they haven’t publicly revealed yet. With a variety of exercises all detailed and with pictures showing exactly what parts of your body you’re working and how they change if you keep up, I doubt you’ll run out of exercises to do any time soon. A big thing about CrossFit is the games, and this site covers the vast majority of it, except for some local events found there in, but everything from the CrossFit Games – Fittest on Earth is available online for you to see, maybe you’ll find an idol or someone to look up to, they also showcase future events to take place in 2019, like the Granite Games, the Dubai CrossFit Championship, and Cancer Hates Crossfit. They also have the most detailed newsletter about CrossFit around, so definitely subscribe to them if this sparks your interest.

Mobility WOD

mobility wod Mobility WOD, also known as The MobilityWOD Program, was born in San Francisco, which had one of the first boxes around anywhere, it covers pretty much every aspect of CrossFit, it has great resources if you’re looking to perfect your craft and to reduce the amount of pain you feel right after a session, helping you get to peak performance quickly. Offering a daily perform where each day they give reader different exercises to practice at home, entirely for free is a fantastic idea, not only do they bridge the gap with both people who CrossFit and those that are thinking about CrossFit, but it’s entirely free as well, with personal trainers sometimes joining in and helping you perfect your form. They also provide courses, not CrossFit courses, coaching courses that are right it’s the first site on the list that offers a service that would make you a licensed CrossFit coach, with a wide variety of books, apparel, and gear; this is your one stop shop for all the foundations of CrossFit. While their main program is paid for, they offer a 10-day trial for you to check out if it’s your cup of tea, what else could you ask for?

Catalyst Athletics

Catalyst Athletics At first glance, you might think this site is all about Olympic weightlifting, and you’d be right, but you know what Olympic weightlifters do to train? They CrossFit of course, and Catalyst Athletics knocks it out of the park completely with how many and how varied their library of CrossFit routines and examples. They offer diverse regimens for each part of the body and they also allow you to contact other people and discuss a plan for you, entirely for free.

Barbell Shrugged

Barbell Shrugged This site welcomes you even if you’ve never practiced CrossFit before, allowing you to go from absolute beginner to CrossFit champion if you work hard enough. With great content, well-edited podcast included, with a team that has countless years of experience in training clients and some even having degrees that further prove their worth. Their favorite topic is how you maintain a good healthy life while working out, including what meals are good for you and sometimes they even teach you to cook said meal, becoming bulkier and healthier while also becoming a cook? Sign me up!

Breaking Muscle

Breaking muscle An incredible team of pros decided to create the Breaking Muscle website because that’s their goal, to break you down and make you suffer in order to get the best results, with a greatly reviewed blog they see fitness as a gateway to everything in life that’s good for you. Unafraid of talking about the taboo side of CrossFit, like nutrition, staying healthy, depression and jealousy, they are unaffected by feelings and say it like it is, that attitude is a joy to see and experience since in a way they’re talking to us and telling us to move it.
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Podcasts to listen to!

Wodcast Podcast

WOD pod cast Wod podcast host Wodcast Podcast has the incredible athlete Armen Hammer, a popular stand-up comedian Eddie Ifft and more, they have more than 100 episodes of quality content suited to listen to anywhere, from your car to when you’re waiting for someone, they move at a fast pace and talk about a variety of topics on a weekly basis, they even have games they play with listeners, “CMZ”, “Lighting Round”, “QDub” are our personal favourites.

Power Athlete Radio

Power Athlete Podcast Former athlete John Welbourn is now head of Power Athlete Radio, where he talks about gym experiences, and how he went from the gym to the field in a flawless way, becoming one of the most popular couches around, he also talks about his travel seminars since he wants to share his experience with the world, making him the most versatile podcast on our list.

Barbell Shrugged Podcast

Barbell Shrugged Podcast We already talked about Barbell Shrugged and how their website is a great source of anything CrossFit, but their podcast is also fantastic and deserves a spot. They go in-depth on training and nutrition, composed of Chris Moore, Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson they are an incredible trio who will always brighten up your day.

Pirate Life Podcast

Pirate Life Radio Tait Fletcher If you’re looking for the most hardcore, passionate people then you seriously need to check out Tait Fletcher’s podcast, the very same owner of Undisputed Fitness and Caveman Coffee has a podcast, I mean, who wouldn’t want to listen to him talk about his experience? He also invites a lot of people to talk with, like world champion powerlifter Laura Phelps Sweatt, and even Tony Hawk himself.

CrossFit Podcast

crossfit podcast Like their website, there’s no better place to start than what the brand itself owns, and thankfully their podcast is well produced and extremely interesting. They have a newsletter and talk about other topics that deal with CrossFitting, like having Diabetes or Muscle Spasms and still work out, it’s really motivational and makes you want to go work out, seriously.
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Apps to download and try out!


Beyond the Whiteboard

Beyond the whiteboard Also known as BTWB, it’s probably the most popular app in the CrossFit community, it has 2 versions, one for athletes and one for box owners, has every feature designed to make you go work out and encourages you to be more and better. You can track your workouts, estimate your limits for various lifts and compare yourself to other CrossFit practitioners; it has its own leader board, so you’re definitely getting famous if you’re good. crossfit btwb app CrossFit btwb app interface Download: Android Version | iOS Version

WOD Genie

WOD genie app WOD Genie is what’s called “the easy entry app”, targeted to beginners it doesn’t overwhelm you with various workouts and terminology you might not now, the app makes a workout for you, based on what you have in your house, and what parts of the body you want to train, it comes with descriptions and videos that show you how to work out the correct way. It removes planning and everything and makes you work immediately. Check out the developer site. WOD genie interface Download: Android Version | iOS Version


SugarWOD BTWB better watch out because SugarWOD is rapidly gaining traction, a free app that can give a solution to every problem an athlete could face, it simplifies the planning, tracking, and even gives you an analysis of workout programs, it has more than 1,000 different regimens, and it records your profile. SugarWOD app SugarWOD app interface Download: Android Version | iOS Version


myWOD app

Developer site

myWOD is weird, if you’re in a specific CrossFit group, or box, myWOD could be better for you, it has a connection with other users, but it’s more focused on you, you can create and save your own regimens and even graph them in order to see how you’re progressing, with that said, this app isn’t free and that puts it a step below others on this list. myWOD app interface Download: Android Version | iOS Version


WOD Log app

Developer site

Another excellent workout tracker that makes you look at your calendar, write, and check your progress whenever you want, it has a really detailed tracking system and it checks your current skill level, it also helps you pick weights based on your body mass and weight, and while it doesn’t have as many regimens as other apps it still have the most common and most benchmark ones, it also lets you make your own workouts. Wod Log interface and function Download: Android Version | iOS Version

Check out these CrossFit Youtubers!

CrossFit | Crossfit Videos

crossfit_youtube The most popular video from the CrossFit channel Considered by many to be THE channel of CrossFit on the internet, this channel shows you how CrossFit is useful around the world, from police academies to military and even martial artists, with features of over 100 different professional athletes. With over 1million followers and more than 9000 videos, this channel is sure to keep growing more and more, and their upload schedule is off the chain with about 30 videos per week.

CrossFit Mayhem

Crossfit Mayhem The most popular video from the CrossFit Mayhem channel CrossFit Mayhem makes CrossFit look fun, where they incorporate other workouts seen in gymnastics, Olympic lifting, running, skiing and even swimming. They have challenging workouts of the day, and are extremely communicative with their audience, they aren’t very big on YouTube, but they have a big heart, with over 100,000 subscribers and over 200 videos filled with interesting and relatable content, I’m sure you’ll find something that fits your needs and makes you want to go work on yourself.

TeamRichey | CrossFit Vlogger

TeamRichey The most popular video from the TeamRichey channel If you’re looking more a more intimate vlogger that shows you what it’s really like to push yourself to the limit, TeamRichey is the guy to watch, he’s a personal trainer and a CrossFit vlogger, a really interesting combo where he doesn’t shy away from talking about supplementation, motivation, being down, and most importantly nutrition.

CrossFit LA

Crossfit LA Random video from the CrossFit La channel CFLA is a school of Fitness located in Santa Monica, California, where they teach everything from basic workouts to elite level classes in quirky exercises, including plyometrics, kettlebell training, medicine ball and even rowing a boat, they are quite old but post rarely, with about 1 video per month they don’t do enough to engage with an audience and they lose out because of that, the videos are charming and interesting but the channel itself needs to post more content otherwise it won’t grow.

Simply Mander

Simply Mander Fitness The most popular video from the SimplyMander channel One of the newest arrivals to the youtube Crossfit scene was Mander, who is a lover of crossfit, nutrition, Netflix and pitbulls. She takes you on an adventure where she balances her life with her way of being, life versus lifestyle in a very charming and charismatic manner, allowing you to immerse yourself in her life and at the same time making you want to get out there as well, she upload about twice a week which is ok, her channel is quite recent, being made in 2016, since then she has aggregated more than 2 million views across all her videos and is about to hit 50,000 subscribers. She has over 200 incredibly well edited and put together videos that will surely make you remember her, she’s that unique.
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