About RxdSleeves.com

I was just like you, looking for a pair of quality knee sleeves that would last me a good few years. I had a good look around online for information about what sleeves are the best for certain situations, and was VERY unsatisfied with what I found.

I was amazed at how little information there was out there about knee sleeves for crossfit. The best I found was in the amazon reviews, but unless you are actually poised to buy, you probably wouldn’t look there.

So I came up with the brilliant idea to put my website building skills to the test and get some real, high quality and honest reviews of the best knee sleeves (and now other sleeves) I could find on the market.

About Mematt-rollans-pic

Hi! My name is Matt Rollans, I have been doing CrossFit since 2013. Started out by going to the box about 2-3 times a week at a local box, naturally, one thing lead to the next and now I am completely and utterly hooked on it and going 5-7 times a week (including open gym sessions). I live in Brisbane, Australia, and train out of CrossFit Brendale.

Before starting CrossFit, I was an avid Rock Climber for 5-6 years and half-marathon runner. So yes, I am very much an ectomorph! I have never been the strongest in the gym, but give me a metcon or tough chipper and I’ll be the one laughing.

Current Lift PBs (As at July 2017)

Front Squat – 92.5kgs
Back Squat – 112.5kgs
Deadlift – 137.5kgs
Snatch – 75kgs
Clean – 100kgs
Jerk – 92.5kgs

Some of these are due for a test, but that gives you an idea of where I am at. I know I may not be the strongest, but I have learned to substitute strength for great technique in order to lift heavy.


What does this site have to offer you?

The main reason I put this site together was to put together a platform to review knee sleeves and talk about how each one will fit to your type of training.

Whether you want them for recovery, squats, running, olympic lifting, powerlifting (yes, I explore all areas) or for all around general use, I can find the right sleeves for you.

The Best Knee Sleeve Reviews Online:

This is the site’s core purpose (incase you couldn’t tell already!) Whether you are looking for our most recent reviews, or our top rated reviews, there is no question that you won’t find better online.

Here are some of our best reviews so far:

A Plethora of Knowledge Articles:

To go along side with the reviews, I feel like it is crucial you have the information you need to take care of your sleeves after you have made your purchase. Here are some of the main knowledge articles we have up so far:

We are Now Producing Content on other Sleeve Products:

Very recently, due to the sites roaring success, we have decided to branch out into other sleeve products. This has meant a slight adjustment from having purely a CrossFit focus. We now have a wider range of products reviewed for a wider range of people and uses. Here are some examples of some of our best ones:

Want me to Review your Sleeves?

I get a lot of requests for sleeve reviews and would love to include yours on the site. If you would like me to do a review on one of your sleeves, then head on over to my Contact Page and fill in the form there to get in touch with me.

In a nutshell, it is this sites job to make sure you have enough information to walk away with a knee sleeve purchase you can be happy with!