Best Compression Socks for Spartan Race

Compression socks are one of the most essential pieces of gear you need for a Spartan Race. Having done a number of Spartan races, contending with the cold, hard & heavy obstacles and the dreaded muscle cramps, I know how much these kind of compression socks can help you get through this mammoth event.

What is the Spartan Race?

The Spartan Race is a innovative obstacle race, which is the brain-child of world-class adventure racer Joe De Sena. It started in Vermont and is now being franchised in different countries around the world such as Canada, Europe, South Korea, China, and Australia.

It has different categories with varying distances and level of difficulties, from three-mile races with 20 obstacles to as long as fifteen miles with 35 obstacles. Obstacles in the race can include wall climbing, climbing under barbed wire, jumping over a fire, crawling in mud, carrying heavy objects, rope climbing, tractor pulls, submerging in water, rope swing, and tire flips.

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Because of these obstacles, the Spartan Race is a far cry from your ordinary road or trail races. Apart from running, participants have to do other activities, some of them would involve getting wet. Which is exactly why it is important to have the right gear, and the right compression socks for this kind of race.

Spartan race Group picture

Me and my CF friends after we finished the Spartan Stadium event at Suncorp Stadium

How Do Compression Socks Help?

Compression socks are commonly seen on athletes these days. While compression socks in general do not improve one’s performance, it definitely helps in improving one’s blood circulation, which in turn helps prevent injury and makes for a speedier recovery. It also provides support to the muscles which lessens the impact of physical activities and prevents the infamous muscle cramps mid race.

For obstacle races such as the Spartan Race, compression can play an important role in making sure that the athletes finish the obstacles safely. Since the obstacles would include jumps and carrying heavy objects, compression socks would be very helpful in decreasing the impact to the muscles of, for example, landing on the ground.

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However, as mentioned earlier, since this is not an ordinary race and it is very likely that participants would get wet in this race, so you need compression socks that still fit well and feel comfortable, even when they’re drenched in water.

Compression socks for Spartan races

Here are the 3 Best Compression Socks for the Spartan Race:

2XU Elite X-Lock Compression Socks

2XU Elite X-Lock Compression Socks

With X-Lock technology, these socks are versatile as they are great for all types of activities. They are designed to reduce fatigue in the muscles, provide support to plantar fascia, and help prevent blisters. It has a powerful compression that helps reduce muscle vibrations, especially upon impact.

It is made of PWX fabric, which is lightweight, flexible, breathable, and antibacterial. It is also moisture wicking to help keep the feet and the legs dry. It is seamless for added comfort.

The 2XU Elite Lock Compression Socks come in five sizes: XS to XL, to ensure a perfect fit.

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Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks

Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks

These high-knee compression socks utilize graduated compression to enhance blood flow and circulation. It has a strategically placed mesh design for added support to the calves. These socks also feature a comfort sole to cushion the toes and the heel. Its fabric is lightweight and breathable. It also makes use of seamless technology to ensure comfort and to help prevent blisters, chafing, and skin irritation. Its cuff is especially designed to make sure that it stays in place even during workouts. The Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks are great for any activity and even for all-day normal wear.

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They are available in sizes S to XL, and in a variety of colors.

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CEP Progressive+ Outdoor Merino Compression Socks

CEP Progressive+ Outdoor Merino Compression Socks

These compression socks offers relief from muscle pain while improving the blood circulation. With its dynamic footbed, these socks provides comfort and support. It also has an arch support that decreases muscle fatigue and helps reduce the pain and discomfort in the plantar fascia.

These socks are made of the finest merino wool and polyamide fibers which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. Merino wool is a type of fabric that conveniently adjusts to the body temperature when needed. Its fabric also absorbs, stores, and wicks moisture which helps the skin stay dry on any activity.

The CEP Progressive+ Outdoor Merino Compression Socks come in men’s and women’s sizes and colors.

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Things to Remember before Making your purchase!

When choosing and buying compression socks, especially for Spartan Race, always keep in mind this small checklist: good fit, excellent support and compression, and moisture-wicking.

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Yes, these socks may be pricey but never sacrifice quality for price. Remember, wearing these compression socks is for your own health and safety, because the goal is to be able to finish the race safe, strong, and injury-free. Post race, make sure you invest in some quality electronic muscle stimulators, they are epic for recovery!

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